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Bonk Business Inc & Anchovy

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Bonk Business Inc. is a multiglobal industrial conglomerate employing 13000 in 52 countries. BBI is the world leader in pioneering Third Millennium technologies such as fully Defunctioned Machinery, Cosmic Therapy, Repacking, ADS (Advanced Disinfor-mation Systems) and LBH (Localised Black Holes).

Uusikaupunki was electrified by anchovy power

The Bonk story is closely interwoven with the history of Uusikaupunki. The company was founded here more than a century ago, and the Bonk Vertical Reality assembly plant still provides local employment.

In his founding speech of 1893, Pär Bonk declared “I shall make machines that make Man happy”. But the roots of the company are even older. The Bonks were a simple fishing family from the island of Helgoland, not far from Uusikaupunki. They made several discoveries, based on the anchovy, which were to change the region completely.

Firstly they re-invented Garum, an ancient Roman fishy relish based on the Baltic anchovy. Garum is still made and exported worldwide today. A by-product of this process was Anchovy oil, an extremely viscous lubricant ideal for the harsh Northern climate, which greased the wheels of nascent Nordic industries.

Overfishing lead to the extinction of the Baltic anchovy, but imported Giant Peruvian anchovies were bred in heated rock pools revealing the existence of the Anchovy Effect – a marine dynamo. So began the rapid growth of an industrial empire that has brought forth a cornucopia of inventions.

And it all started here – in Uusikaupunki.